SMI Motorsport News  28.01.2020
XRS Germany R6 Report
 Last weekend we had XRS Round 6, organized by MSC Herrenhaide for the first time ever. It worked out pretty well, including a great atmosphere and quite a long entry list.

The strongest class was 1:10 TW Fronti, which was great fun watching. There was also a formula class, 1:10 TW Stock, 1:12 EB / GT and the guest class 17,5 TW. Also mentionable was the nice catering by members of MSC Herrenhaide, providing noodles with tomato sauce, coffee and a lot more.

In Stock, Tim Schulte took A2 and A3 from Pole after Sven Muller had taken A1, both with their new T4´20.

Stock Results
1. Tim Schulte – XRAY T4
2. Sven Muller – XRAY T4
3. Jonny Guerra

In TW Fronti, Sven Muller took the win from Thomas Felke in second and Matthias Drummer in third, working out a gap of 1-2 laps in every run.

Fronti Results
1. Sven Muller – XRAY T4F
2. Thomas Felke
3. Matthias Drummer

In 17,5 TW guest class, Christopher Bergholz wasn’t able to transform his Pole into a victory, so Thomas Nitschke took all finals putting Christopher Bergholz in second and Pierre Theuerkorn in third.

17,5T Stock Results
1. Thomas Nitschke – XRAY T4
2. Christopher Bergholz – XRAY T4
3. Pierre Theuerkorn

In formula, Andreas Beier was able to win all finals with his X1.

Formula Results
1. Andreas Beier – XRAY X1
2. Heiko Elgas – XRAY X1
3. Jens Limmer – XRAY X1

In 1/12 Dirk Brauer finished first in A1 and A2, while the fight for P2 came to an end when Philipp Lischke took the win in A3 from Frank Hiller.

1/12 Results:
1. Dirk Brauer
2. Philipp Lischke – XRAY X12
3. Frank Hiller

Race Report by Anke Müller.