SMI Motorsport News  27.11.2019
XRS Germany R3 Report
 Race Report by Anke Muller. Last weekend the 3rd run of the XRS series Germany took place. This time we were guests at the RC- Schwalmracern. There goes directly a big praise to the club. The running of the race went smoothly. The catering was perfect, from breakfast, over the delicious sausage to the cake - TOP.

Extra for the XRS series the hall was opened on Saturday already at 10am instead of 1pm. There have been a lot of drivers and so the hall was very well filled.

Sunday morning, the hall was already opened at 7 o´clock. Until 9 o´clock was free training, this was used by many drivers for the last settings. Then the drivers meeting took place and already the first qualy run started at 9.30am.

This time the classes were 1/10 TW Stock, 1/12 GT and 1/10 Fronti.

In the class 1/10 after the qualies the first 3 places were taken by Jannick Namyslo in front of Tobias Schuch and Marc Stubben.

After 3 exciting finals, Jannick Namyslo took the win!

Stock Results
1. Jannick Namyslo - XRAY T4
2. Marc Stubbben - XRAY T4
3. Jens Haller - XRAY T4

The B final won Alain Levi also with the XRAY T4´20.

The first drive with the new XRAY T4´20 was great, the T4 showed that it has a good performance and is very durable.

In the class Fronti we had a Rent a Car driver. Michael Eul started with the Rent a Car XRAY T4F. In the qualies he went a bit soft. There the result looked like this - Eric Hummel took first place, followed by Markus Lehr and Andreas Hummel.

In the finals, Eric Hummel showed great performance and drove away from his pursuers. The fight for second and third place was opened. After exciting and fair finals it finally looked like this.

FWD Results
1. Eric Hummel - XRAY T4F
2. Michael Eul - XRAY T4F
3. Markus Lehr - XRAY T4F

In the class 1/12 GT, the first place after qualies went to Haroun Schobner, ahead of Sebastian Fenske and Guido Kraft.

Haroun Schobner (winner of the GT class last season) won the first two finals and did not start in the third race anymore. Thus, it was very exciting, as each of the drivers from space 2 - 4 could make the jump on podium.

1/12 GT Results
1. Haroun Schobner - Project Goodspeed
2. Sebastian Fenske - XRAY X12
3. Guido force - XRAY X12

The B Final was won by Bertram Kessler with the XRAY X12 ahead of Boyd Chwartacki also with the XRAY X12 (mechanic Alexander Hagberg 1/12).

At the award ceremony also some other drivers received a special mention.

The association also donated a certificate for each participant, as well as the traditional sausage for the places 1-3 in all classes.

We say thanks again for the great event at the RC Schwalmracern, as well also thanks to all driver who shared their weekend with us.

See you at the next XRS