SMI Motorsport News  29.09.2019
B.Coelho reports on his WM
 Last weekend held the World Championship 1/10 2WD and 4WD at Hudy Arena, Slovakia. For me the best ever Worlds that I attended. Best organization, best facilities and place.

In 4WD everything was perfect as we expect with also our prototype car working amazingly during the all race. The qualifies were very difficult, with a very very close fight with Dakotah Phend but in the end I was able to manage it and start first on the grid in the finals.

The finals were something special, in the first main Dakotah passed me on the quad after not so good jump from my side, I was still able to close the gap to him but not enough to pass as we ran out of time.

The second main was again very hard for me as on the same quad I had a bad approach opening the door to Dakotah and of course he took the opportunity and did a very good pass on me, I lost 2 second to him with that but after two laps he did a big mistake that gave me the chance to come back on the game and close that final on the first place.

The third and last final, the emotional and stressful final. Everything was still open and me and Dakotah were fighthing for the Wolrd Champion title. I needed to finish first on that final to bring the title home but I knew that it was going to be very difficult with Dakotah making a lot of pressure behind me. The first 2 minuts of final were very stressful for me as I had always Dakotah right behind but he did a mistake that cost him two positions and gave me some space to breath and finish the final with a win.

4WD Buggy Results
1. Bruno Coelho – XRAY XB4
2. Dakotah Phend
3. Michal Orlowski

Xray celebrated double in 4WD as Daniel Kobbevik became Junior World Champion!

4WD Buggy Junior Results
1. Daniel Kobbevik – XRAY XB4
2. Jamiel Gabrielsson
3. Kouki Kato – XRAY XB4

The 2WD race started good with our prototype car working very well since the beginning, I managed the 4th position for the finals after a not so good qualifies as I did many mistakes but I had always the pace for the TQ.

In the finals it didn´t run so well struggling a little with the traffic and some bad luck, finishing 4th overall. Daniel Kobbevik however brought Junior World Champion title home for Xray team!

2WD Buggy Junior Results
1. Daniel Kobbevik – XRAY XB2
2. Jamiel Gabrielsson
3. Clement Boda

Congratulation to Spencer Rivkin and his team for the 2WD win that was impressive.

It was the best Worlds Event that I went to. Everything worked perfect and with 100% professionalism. A big congratulation to all organization for the great work.

I want to say thank you to Tessman´s family for the great help during the event. To Martin Bayer and Juraj Hudy for the great car!

Race Report by Bruno Coelho