SMI Motorsport News  12.09.2019
Hessen Cup R5, Germany
 XB8 and XB8E win at Hessen Cup R5, Germany. The MRC Meiningen has given everything, so we had a nice weekend. Big praise to you all for the preparation and the great atmosphere with you.

I would particularly like to emphasize that the club has procured for all juniors and youth from the youth final trophies!

Action Rent a Car has started into the next round, with Torsten Müller, who achieved a great 13th place in the hobby class as a burned-on road rider. and congratulations again to you at this point!

1000 thanks to Bernd Schmidt and Michael Zschiedrich for the "Lötabend" and your help!
Thanks also to David Schneider for the borrowed steering servo!

The youth final was again super busy with a total of 11 juniors and teens. We all from the Hessencup are mega proud that we have so many children in our races

Hobby Results
1. Tom Zschiedrich – XRAY XB8
2. Schneider David
3. Markus Reitz – XRAY XB8

1/8 IC Buggy Results
1. Weisner Jochen
2. Vanessa Wende – XRAY XB8
3. Marcus Wen De – XRAY XB8

1/8 E Buggy Results
1. Alex Braches – XRAY XB8E
2. Lucas Thomas
3. Niklas Bannach

We thank the entire SMI XRAY Germany team, everyone helps everyone and we are so proud that we can enjoy our weekends together with you.
You are the best

Race Report by Anke Muller