SMI Motorsport News  15.01.2019
XRS Rd.3 RC Land Heilbronn
 Invited to Xray Racing Series Rd.3, the RC Land Heilbronn had from 12.01-13.01.2019. The Permanent Indoor racetrack of RC Land Heilbronn with about 85m track length presented itself in excellent condition.

My T4´19 went very well from the first battery. I started with times around 9.6 and was able to leave the track with some set-up changes in the evening with a superb time of 9.3.

Sunday kicks off with the route opening at 08:0pm. After a short driver meeting from the chairman of the club, they started at 09:3pm with the three heats followed by the final runs. I was able to get myself into a super 3 place finish behind Tom Haake & Jens Haller. Tom Haake won all 3 finals runs. I was able to secure the 2 place after some fair two fights, followed by Phillipp Kremer.

At the end of the day, the final ranking looked:

1. Tom Haake - 1. Daniel Schober
2. Marc Stübben - 2. Johannes Fechner
3. Phillipp Kremer - 3. Hartmut Rose
4. Jens Haller - 4. Alexander Olah
5. Benedikt Heizer -

XRS Fronti XRS 1/12 GT
1. Ronny Hoffmann - 1. Alexander Seitter
2. Tim Schneider - 2. Haroun Schobner
3. Manuel Büssing - 3. Rene Brosi
4. Guido Mamat 4. - Alain Levy
5. Helmut Moise - 5. Christian Salomon

XRS Rookie
Luis Barbarosa
Patrick Werner